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“We are a company without boundaries. Derjers adopts an international perspective and creative abilities to do things different. As a matter of fact, in our world, one plus one is not two, but rather, it is ‘unlimited'. The passion, cohesive teamwork, precision, and confidence with which we proceed is a result of the ‘New World' method

of conducting business that we employ.”

And a distinct business model it is.

Derjers has established a noticeable company culture based on striving for excellence and a genuine interest in helping its clients, whereby team members are often heard saying “Living the best days!” and “Receive without limits!”. Distinguished as a “change-ready” company of innovation and empowerment, the company not only fosters a diversity infrastructure relying on the wealthy-knowledge base of its multicultural employees, but also employs the use of ‘flextime’ work policies in different geographical locations, and applauds women opportunities in the workplace.

Today, Derjers prides on confirming that where ethics and high employee morale thrive, success seamlessly follows. It distinguishes itself as an
exemplary organization, being at the forefront of innovation, striving to bring only the very best to its worldwide customers.

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