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African American Hair Care has never been easier!

Discover the therapeutic 3-Step solution clinically-proven to create the optimal scalp environment for healthy hair growth, enhancing your hair’s natural shine and manageability.

Rejuvé3 Protein-Rich Hair & Scalp System

Rejuvé3 3-Step Kit

8 oz. price:   $81.00  $41.85
16 oz. price:   $150.00  $65.85

1 - Rejuvé3 Renewing Scalp Cleanser
1 - Rejuvé3 Repairing Shampoo
1 - Rejuvé3 Protein-Rich Conditioning Treatment

Available in 8 oz. and 16 oz.

African American hair growth and maintenance has 

never been easier.

As the finest chemical-free treatment available, Rejuvé3 has been trusted by hair care clinics and dermatologists for over 40 years as its natural and thermally-activated ingredients have proven to:

  • Strengthen weak hair & scalp
  • Prevent hair from reverting
  • Remove chemical build-up, bacteria and debris
  • Tolerate heat applications when styling
  • Relieve dryness flakes and itching
  • Add shine, leaving hair silky soft
  • Minimize damage and breakage

Start today! The Rejuvé3 3-step treatment is proven effective on all hair types even if your hair has been twisted, pressed, braided, or permed, as it improves severe scalp conditions and nourishes the most dry, stressed hair.

How Rejuve3 works

This image illustrates results obtained by a client in Michigan after 8 weeks of consistent use.






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