Rejuvé3: Scalp Protecting Mist

Key Benefits & Ingredients

• Biotin: Imparts vitality and new hair growth; improves the quality of exhausted, fragile hair and neutralizes metabolic by-products that inhibit hair growth.

Panthenol (Vitamin B complex): Deeply penetrates into the hair shaft to strengthen. Imparts hair elasticity to minimize breakage.

• Vitamin B6: Imparts antibacterial and antioxidant scalp benefits when applied topically, while stimulating blood circulation to the scalp.

• Siloxane: Imparts maximum hair shine

• Cholesterol: Soothes dry, chemically processed damaged hair, leaving behind resilience and flexibility to prevent breakage.

• Phytantriol : (Vitamin B5 catalyst): Protects against physical & chemical damage, thermal stress and split ends.