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Rejuvé 3 Hair & Scalp Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Why should I use Rejuvé3?

A.Rejuvé3 restores health back into hair and scalp and also serves as an amazing preventative and maintenance system. It is so effective that it has been recommended by dermatologists for decades for women with heavily damaged hair, thinning, hair loss and other acute scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, seborrhea, ringworm, scalp acne, scalp ringworm or scalp inflammation. Amazing results have been achieved with its consistent use as you will obtain shiny, thicker, healthier hair.

Q. How long do I use Rejuvé3 and what if I stop?

A.Keep using the Rejuvé3 as long as you want to maintain the health of your hair and scalp. Rejuvé 3 is a powerful cleansing system formulated to promote healthy hair and scalp and an effective treatment against hair loss and scalp conditions. Thus, the benefit can be maintained only so long as the treatment is continued to some extent or another.

Q. How often do I use Rejuvé3?
A.The Rejuvé3 System is a 30 – 45 day supply. For best results, it should be used every time you would regularly wash your hair…daily or every other day.

Q. Is the Rejuvé3 System used to replace my daily shampoo and conditioner?

A. Yes, but this is not a regular shampoo and conditioner, it is a highly specialized treatment. You need only use 1/3 the amount you would normal use with other products. Rejuvé3 products will have a different consistency than that of regular shampoo and conditioner and its characteristics should not be compared to that of a regular cleansing agents.

Q. Who should use Rejuvé3?

A. Men or women looking for overall healthier hair or those suffering with hair loss, seborrheic dermatitis, seborrhea, ringworm, scalp acne, dry hair, dry scalp, dandruff, psoriasis, scalp ringworm, scalp inflammation and thinning hair will all find relief from using the Rejuvé3 System. The system has proven to restore health back into hair and scalp.

Q. How soon can I expect improvement of my condition after using Rejuvé 3?

A. After the just the first use of the Rejuvé3 Hair Care System you will notice your hair is softer, shinier. With consistent use, you will see increased manageability and over all healthier.

Q. Is Rejuvé3 designed for a specific ethnicity or hair type?

A. No. The Rejuvé3 Hair Care System is designed to work on any hair type safely and effectively.

Q. Can children use Rejuvé3?

A. Yes, the product is safe on any age group. And remember Rejuvé3 is chemical-free so you’ll feel safer using it on children.

Q. Do I need to use the entire system?

A. Rejuvé3 is a three step cleansing system. All three steps should be used for the best and most effective results.

Q. What are the possible side effects of Rejuvé 3?

A. This is a chemical free product, when used as directed there are no side effects.

Q.Do perms, dyeing, or highlights have any effect when using Rejuvé3?

A. Rejuvé3 system is a solution for repairing hair. The system is safe to use on colored, permed, or highlighted hair.

Q. What about hair worn naturally, in braids, weaves or dreads?

A. Hair that is worn in braids (with or without extensions) allows the scalp to dry out from exposure. The ends have been split and the hair strand has been holding moisture. After trimming ends, using the Rejuvé3 System will cultivate hair back to softness and manageability. You can continue the braids or twist with the Rejuvé3 Hair Care System.

Q. Do I have to wait for chemicals (relaxers, curly perm, etc.) to grow out or have my hair cut off before I can use your products?

A. No. The Rejuvé3 Hair & Scalp System is designed to replace oils and elasticity that were removed by chemical processing back into the hair, leaving the hair soft, silky and with more body, yet not oily.

Q. Will it keep straight hair that has no perm in it at all?

A. Yes. Rejuvé3 System is for all hair. Simply dry with a blow dryer with a comb attachment and follow product instructions.

Q. Can Rejuvé3 prevent or cure seborrheic dermatitis?

A. Yes. The Rejuvé3 Hair Care System is a recommended solution to aid in the healing of Seborrheic Dermatitis

Q. Will it help my hair grow?

A. Definitely. The hair gets stronger because it will no longer be dry and breaking. The hair becomes healthier, growing as much as one-half inch a month.

Q: I am interested in getting thicker hair. Can Rejuvé 3 help me?

A. If your hair is thinning due to pattern hair loss in men or women, then Rejuvé3 can help. It is thought that in the typical individual, a clinically obvious degree of hair loss only results when one has lost approximately 50% of one's hair density. Thus, a person may be actively losing hair for years before such loss becomes visibly apparent. The Rejuvé3 hair care system has been designed to enhance the health of scalp hair follicles. The products do not just coat existing hair to make it appear thicker, but produce thicker natural hair. Some of our customers use Rejuvé3 just to thicken their hair.

Q. After the Rejuvé 3 System, can I still put chemicals (relaxers, curly perms, etc.) in my hair?

A. Yes, because the Rejuvé3 Hair Care System is not a chemical, you can apply a chemical of your choice. If desired, you may apply it immediately.

Q. How long do the 16 oz bottles last?

A. With daily use of the product a 16 oz bottle will last anywhere from 1-2 months depending on hair length.











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