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Precision-Clinically Proven

* Suitable for all hair types.

Precision is the most effective male and female hair loss product, recommended by top hair clinics to help the scalp recover its natural balance and restore hair health, thickness and shine. See Video

How It Works

Precision comes complete with a 30-day supply of one-a-day nutritional hair drops to treat hair loss, mild/severe scalp conditions, thinning or damaged hair. Designed to restore and detoxify stressed hair and scalp, Precision nourishes and reconstructs damaged areas to stimulate healthy hair growth with a four-fold approach:

  • Deeply purifies hair follicles to invigorate scalp.
  • Provides external stimulant to strengthen weak hair shaft and develop weak hairs into thicker, healthier tresses.
  • Effectively controls dead skin cells, bacteria, oil and perspiration, all of which can cause dandruff, inflammation and interfere with overall scalp health.
  • Delivers instant root and hair nutrition that adds a unique boost to restore shine.

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Precision 30-Day Scalp Repair Kit

Intro special - SAVE 12%
price: $182.00

30 Vial applications (7 ml each)

** For best results, Precision 30-Day Scalp Kit should be used in conjunction with the Rejuvé3 3-Step Hair & Scalp System for healthy hair growth. Utilizing other REGULAR shampoos may strip away essential oils that your hair and scalp require, therefore you would get the most out of the Precision 30-Day Scalp Kit by using a cleansing shampoo system such as the Rejuve3 line for optimal results. Don't hesitate to call us with any questions.











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