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Scalp Acne


Scalp pimples are a result of excess dirt or bacteria build-up on the follicle stem or root of hair. It is most often caused by oily skin types, or even created by dull or un-sanitized razors (razor bumps). Scalp acne can be as irritating as any other type of acne and can easily be made worse by using the wrong type of hair products. It is important to keep the hair clean as excess oil on the scalp can serve to worsen this type of acne.

How To Detect

Although it is somewhat concealed, scalp acne can be more obvious when it is at the edge of the hair, since it's more visible to the public.

Recommended Solutions

SCALPeX** – Antibacterial, astringent-based scalp agent
Rejuvé3 Scalp Protecting Mist - (Daily Spray)
Rejuvé3 3-Step Hair & Scalp Cleansing System

**SCALPeX is available to hair clinics and hair professionals only.
Please contact us for ordering details.

NOTE: Should you have any questions regarding which products to use for your specific condition, please do not hesitate to give us a call so that we can assist you and also outline how to use our products for best results. Our kind team is honored to answer your questions and to be of assistance.













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