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Scalp Inflammation


There are many factors that may contribute to scalp inflammation. Scientists confirm that dandruff and other forms of dermatitis conditions may be caused by a microscopic fungus known as Pityrosporum Ovale. This fungus can cause a mild infection at the roots of the hair and cause itch and flakes. Other causes of scalp inflammation are long term use of hair dyes, anti-frizz and various hair styling products that contain a high alcohol content.

Crusting and flakes of the scalp are the major culprit in scalp inflammation related hair loss. Although both the crustings and flakes are simply dead skin on your scalp, they physically pull hair off as they break loose from the scalp.

How To Detect

Signs of scalp inflammation include redness, scaling, and pustules. The three most commonly reported scalp inflammatory conditions are seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and psoriasis.

As with any other hair conditions, accurate diagnosis is critical to a successful treatment and speedy recovery. Central to dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis are symptoms such as severe itch, excessive flakes, tightness of the scalp, oily scalp, occasional scalp pain, poor hair condition and even hair loss. Many researchers suggest that scalp inflammation is closely related to hair loss.

Recommended Solutions

SCALPeX** – Antibacterial, astringent-based scalp agent
PRECISION 30-Day Scalp Repair Kit

Rejuvé3 Renewing Scalp Cleanser
Rejuvé3 Scalp Protector Mist

**SCALPex is available to hair clinics and hair professionals only.
Please contact us for ordering details.


We highly recommend that regardless of the hair product that you opt to buy, the greatest investment you can make is to try a gentle, non-irritant shampoo such as Rejuvé3 Repairing Shampoo which does not use harsh ingredients to cleanse the scalp. If you are experiencing scalp inflammation, then you are in the repairing stage, and thus we recommend products outlined above that will help restore the overall health of the scal by replenishing with nutrients.



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