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Scalp Ringworms


Ringworm infection occurs in the scalp, body, feet and nails. Ringworm of the scalp is common among children because of the lack of protective fatty acids in their scalp. This disease spreads on the skin and extends deeper into the hair roots, and also up along hair. If left untreated, the affected hair becomes dull and breaks off near its roots, leaving bald spots on the scalp.

How To Detect

The initial appearance of this infection is usually a pimple that begins to grow larger, while leaving behind scaly patches of skin. You may also experience temporary baldness in the affected areas. It’s important to treat ringworm quickly.

Recommended Solutions

SCALPeX** – Antibacterial, astringent-based scalp agent
Rejuvé3 3-Step Hair & Scalp System

**SCALPeX is available to hair clinics and hair professionals only.
Please contact us for ordering details.











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