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     Star Quality Hair Care

     Millions have fallen in love with the chemical-free concept of Derjers International
     and its groundbreaking hair care formulations with unsurpassed product
     performance. Read and learn how starlets and more have used Derjers’ premium
     hair & scalp treatments to obtain thicker, healthier hair that gets noticed.

         Miss Puerto Rico Piel Morena,
         Darlene Zayas

     “My hair is dazzling and shiny both on
      and off camera!”


Latin Singer /Actress/TV Host,
Martita Albarracin

     “I feel great about my hair every day.
      You can too!”


    Ms. Latina International Canada,
    Axel Cooley

     “Derjers… the secret to my long,
      shiny hair!”


Doctors love Rejuve3 My hair feels very luxurious and a lot more moisturized, it was thinning at one point, since I started using Rejuve3 I have no more problems with thinning and my hair is softer.

- Geeta Samuels, RPh
"Personally I really do not have time for a huge amount of extra steps in life because of the type of work and also the quantity of work that I do. This product makes worrying about what's going on with my hair one less step, and gives my hair a great professional appearance without extra steps."

- Dr. Milroy Samuels MD

"Never had I come across a product like yours. I was convinced that there was no solution that could tame the thick and tangled curls of my youngest daughter. It was disastrous — literally! We have tried everything and found it easier to just tie it back. I am so grateful to have found the answer for her. In trying Rejuvé3, the softness we experienced was unlike anything we had ever seen. We want to buy some more!!!"

- Margarita T.
Toronto, Ontario

"As a male in my early 30's I was beginning to experience thinning hair. I thought this was due to genes, as my father had this early on in his life too. My girlfriend heard about your product and introduced me to it. At first I was skeptical, but after using Rejuvé3 for three weeks, I can see a great difference in the thickness of my hair. I now realize that I was not taking care of my scalp and my hair was the price I was paying for it!"

- Chad A.
Kitchener, Ontario

"I always wanted to have my hair looking like those girls on TV. I would spend hours browsing the shampoo aisle and the Internet for those products that promised silkiness and shine. I came across your product, Rejuvé3 and decided to give it a try. What a relief it is to know that there is a product out there that delivers what it promises. My hair is shiny and smooth. It looks so healthy people are now asking me what I use!"

- - Elizabeth S.
Seattle, Washington

"This is by far the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. I had curly, frizzy unmanageable hair. Getting ready in the mornings used to be a long process of styling products to combat the frizz. Since using Rejuvé3 for some time now, prep time in the mornings is not as long and the difference in texture is noticeable."

- Cassie S.
Miami, Florida

"Due to my severe white flakes, the thought of wearing dark clothes was repulsive, Thanks to Rejuvé3 I don't have to worry about that anymore! I use it daily and both my hair and scalp feel fresh and clean."

- Greg M.
Detroit, Michigan

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