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Derjers Thinning Hair Kit
The #1 Dermatologist Recommended Solution to Rejuvenate Problematic Hair.

Rejuvé3 ‘Thinning Hair’ Kit

Price:   $217.80  $207.80
Save $10.00 by purchasing as a kit!

This complete package includes:
  • 1 -
  • Rejuvé3 Renewing Scalp Cleanser
    8 oz. bottle
  • 1 -
  • Rejuvé3 Repairing Shampoo
    8 oz. bottle
  • 1 -
  • Rejuvé3 Protein-Rich Conditioning Treatment
    8 oz. bottle
  • 1 -
  • Precision Thinning Hair Kit
    30 vial applications (ea. 7ml)

    Dermatologist Recommended.
    All-natural. Risk-free.

    Price: $207.80

    Are you suffering from sudden hair fall?

    Discover the #1 Dermatologist-recommended solution to fortify weak, thinning hair. Proven effective on both men and women, Rejuvé3 Thinning Hair' Kit works effectively to strengthen the hair shaft, optimize scalp health, and enhance existing hair where it has thinned. This comprehensive Starter Kit is comprised of 30 bio-pharmaceutical hair loss treatments (a 30-day supply) and 3 cleansing products to use in conjunction with the treatment (Scalp Cleanser, Shampoo, Conditioner) -- together, they work synergistically to address hair loss and reconstruct damage with a four-fold approach: 1) unclog pores 2) stimulate blood circulation to the scalp 3) exfoliate dead skin cells 4) deliver instant nutrition.

    In creating the optimal environment for new hair growth, this all-natural, risk-free solution has proven a favorite amongst dermatologists for over 40 years, because it works.

    Drug free - All Natural – Not tested on Animals
    No Risk of Harmful Side Effects

    Please feel free to contact our knowledgeable team who is more than happy to explain these products to you or to listen to your concerns and questions, in order to help you determine which Rejuve3 products are best for you. Contact us at (313) 887-5184.

    Product Guide
    Be certain to refer to our Product Guide to understand each of our Rejuve3 products and the benefits they provide.











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